Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some recent experiments

Haven't made a post in awhile here because I haven't really had a whole lot I was particularly fond of, except maybe the rainbow design. But figured I'd post a collection of stuff I've been doing lately.

I've been trying to use more of my newer polishes to test em out. Did a full swatch of Grape Pop by CG and absolutely loved it. 

 This is a perfect purple polish. Not too dark, goes on smooth. This is two coats with SV top coat.

I tried to add pink polka dots to a few nails, but really didn't like how it was turning out, so I cleaned off my ring fingers and added Turned Up Turquoise.

The color goes pretty well with the purple, but after 3 thick coats, I was regretting not layering it over white first. It's very sheer, and dries matte which I did not realize at first. It's a pretty color, and has a bit of a shimmer to it, but I wasn't a huge fan of the turn out.
 So, I wiped my ring fingers clean again, and coated them in Dance Baby, taped off the main part, and added Grape Pop to the corner.

Originally, I was going to add polka dots of Dance Baby onto the purple, but I thought it looked pretty good as is. I did my toes opposite this, Dance Baby for the main color, and angled corner of Grape Pop on the big toe.

I also swatched Color Club's Hot Like Lava. I was originally going to tape off small sections and do black over it, leaving the pink looking like ribbons. But I just couldn't get over how horribly streaky this all turned out. The color is very pretty, but the foil comes through on it's own way too much, and the streaks bugged me too badly to keep on. Will be used only as a layering color from here on out.

 Now this one, I was proud of. I didn't realize it until the day after, but I saw a very similar mani on Pinterest, but with a medium blue instead of the grey, so I guess that was my inspiration. I've been wanting to use Concrete Catwalk, but it didn't seem like a fun happy spring color.

This made it pop, I think. I call it "muted rainbow." Rainbow colors are all CG: Gothic Lolita, Flyin' High, Paper Chasing, Sunshine Pop, and Life Preserver.

Now this one could have turned out a lot better, but I still thought it was cute. I tried to do a jigsaw puzzle mani, but I chose some poor colors to do together. If I had substituted the purple with a yellow it would have come together a lot better, I think

Colors are CG: Life Preserver, Starboard, Flyin' High, and Secret Periwinkle.

 And lastly, just for fun, I tried my hand at doing nail art on someone else. I did my nieces nails in strawberries using dotting tools.

It turned out really cute, I think, though next time I try this I'm going to use a tiny paintbrush to do the leaves instead of a dotting tool for the whole thing.

Colors used were CG: Red Pearl, Paper Chasing, and White on White for the seeds.

Any questions on techniques or colors feel free to comment! Enjoy!