Sunday, April 15, 2012

My favorite things

Haven't really put much personal stuff on this blog yet, so I thought I'd post a few nice photos to get to know me!

We've all seen the "thinspiration" pics, before/after pics that seem so fake, and I have lost a great deal of weight, so decided to do one myself finally. I dunno if it qualifies for thinspiration, but I'm sure proud of it! Weight loss never really clicks until you see something like this, I don't think.
The first photo is dated June of '07, but I was that weight, or very close to it until about Feb of last year. I've been my current weight for a good 6 months, also, but I don't have any better full body shots. This one I took today in a dressing room and was a similar enough pose to use.

And for ANYONE curious, I am 5'4(and a half), shirt size currently a medium(although some fitted shirts I do still have to get a large, due to my chest), and pant size small or juniors 5, skirt size juniors 3 or small. Prior to this I was a shirt size large or extra large, and pants size juniors 11 or 13, large/extra large.

I'd love to say it's the result of months or years of hard effort, dieting, and exercising, but really 90% of it came from a diet pill. Believe it or not, one actually works(for me, anyway.) I PROMISE this is not a plug, but I do definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a supplement to try Oxyelite Pro. You can find it at GNC, or on Amazon, etc. I DID try months(years) of exercise, diet, Weight Watchers, etc, and I'd lose at most 20lbs. Which was still a big deal, but one bad weekend of eating and almost half would come back.

Unfortunately for me, the weight is gone but I'm still left with some flab here and there, so I'm TRYING to motivate myself to do some real exercise and do a real diet to get the remaining flab off. Ideally, I'd like to turn it all into muscle, resulting in at maximum 5-10 more lbs lost.

Anyway. The real point of this post was to show off my adorable animals, so without further ado here are my favorite things in life. Widget(the white one), Phoenix(the little grey girl), and Allsparq(the fluffy one.)

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